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After much dithering and consternation, it's time to unveil the new stand-alone site!

We've had 20+ inches of snow in the last week, which is unprecedented for November. Here's my grandson, making his way up the icy slopes of Mount Driveway:

I expect cold here - it is, after all, Vermont - but not quite so early in the season. So I have been looking for a decent excuse to wrap myself in a big sweater, sit beside the old wood cookstove, and soak in the heat while sipping a nice cup of tea. Setting my laptop up next to the stove and figuring out how to set up the new site gave me the excuse to do just that. So presto, whitebirchfiberarts.com is born!

It's a work in progress - and please, if you find errors or have trouble, let me know - but I think you'll like it. 

Over the next couple of weeks I will be adding new stripeys, hat kits, swag, and other fun stuff. I mean, there's a lot wood-stove-sitting that needs to be done, and a lot more tea that needs drinking... so you all can expect lots of stuff. 

Stay tuned, stay warm, and have a great day!